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Ladac hleðslutæki eru í mörgum Rosenbauer/Egenes slökkvibifreiðum hérlendis og eru þau af þeim gerðum sem nefndar eru hér. Ladac hefur sameinast öðru fyrirtæki Defa í Sandvika Noregi. Þær gerðir sem framleiddar eru í dag eru nefndar í þessum bæklingi.
Defa heimasíða
Typical areas of applications: cars, buses, trucks, rescue vehicles where electric power is crucial for transport, life and health.
It is common knowledge that batteries installed in a vehicle are a commodity that lasts for a given time; often worn out too quickly. The battery lifetime is dependant on several factors, such as:
  • Self discharging
  • Frequented use without recharging
  • Leakage of current for back-up and stand by functions, i.e electronics
  • Simultaneous use of functions overloading the capacity
  • Temperature
This can be dealt with by preventive maintenance:
Charging capability of the installed generator is a factor that in most cases is neglected .A battery needs 14,4 volts to be charged, a normal regulator gives 13,7-13,8 volts
Consequently, the battery will self- discharge.
Ladac delivers regulators for generators to compensate gap of charging. Correct voltage charging is depending on cycles of use, and can in many situations not compensate lack of charging. Stand-by charging is therefore a necessity when vehicle is off duty.
Ladac deliver fixed or portable chargers for single and/or multi battery installations.
Logic functions with sensors to the battery allow the charger to be connected over time. “Connect and forget”, -the charger grants for extended lifetime and saved costs for typical users, such as: taxies, fire brigade, rescue vehicles, police and others, who need to be on the alert at all times. Increased lifetime, -up to 5 times normal, is mentioned by our customers!
What happens if a rescue vehicle can’t get started when called upon?

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