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Z-Inline Inductor
for fixed Installation

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Proportion ratio 3% or 6%

Constant proportioning rate caused by balance valve, works with back pressure up to 2 bar
1. General Description
The purpose of the inline inductors Z2 and Z4 is to draw foam concentrate from a storage container and to admix it into the water stream at a fixed percentage. Both proportioners are available in either a 3% or 6% setting. A balance valve ensures correct proportioning even during sudden changes in flow rate and/or pressure. Due to the working principle of the inductor a pressure drop of approximately 33% is caused over the inductor.
2. Recommended Foam Concentrates
Protein 3%, 6%
Fluoroprotein 3%, 6%
AFFF 1%, 3%, 6%, ARC 3x6, 3x3
Detergent Foam
3. Application
Z proportioners are used predominantly in fire trucks, but can also be installed in aircraft hangars, on ships, tank storage facilities or filling stations.
4. Operation
The proportioner is built into the system as shown in diagram 1. The proportioner is working according to the injector principle. The water flow through the injector creates a vacuum thereby drawing a predetermined amount of foam concentrate into the inductor where it is admixed into the water stream.
01 Inductor
02 Foam concentrate tank
03 Water storage tank
04 Suction line
05 Water pump
06 Foam/water solution
5. Construction

Z Total froðublandarar fastir á lagnir

6. Technical Data
Type Z2- 3% Z2- 6% Z4- 2% Z4- 6%
Water flow (lpm) 200 200 400 400
Length (mm) 340 340 340. 340
Height (mm) 114 114 114 114
Weight approx. (kg) 8 8 8 8
Water inlet DN 50 DN 50 DN 50 DN 50
Water outlet DN 50 DN 50 DN 50 DN 50
Foam concentrate inlet (female) R1" IG R1" IG R1" IG R1" IG
Part-No: 831.036 831.042 825.046 825.047

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