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HLZ Inline Inductor
Type HL-Z2 and HL-Z4

HL-Z2 HL-Z4 Froðublandarar

High Performance inline Inductor

Friction loss up to 5 bar does not influence proportioning rate

Performs with all foam compounds inclucing AFFF-ARC

Effective with 100m hose to 36m height

Fixed induction at 3 and 6%
1. Application
Variable inline inductors are used to mix foam concentrate with water, when the foam concentrate is supplied from a tank at atmospheric pressure.
2. Recommended Foam Concentrates
The inductor performs with all types of foam concentrates, including high viscosity alcohol resistant concentrates at 3% or 6% proportioning rate and down to -10°C.
3. Installation
This in-line inductor has a better tolerance to back pressure and better foam concentrate suction than a standard in-line inductor. The HL-Z2 and HL-Z4 inductors are connected to the water line. They can be placed far from the foam branch-pipe, as they can accommodate up to 5 bar pressure loss in the hose
4. Construction
The HL-Z inline inductor is constructed for a pre-determined water flow at which it creates a drop of approx. 30% in the water pressure. Foam is drawn through a 25mm pick-up tube from a container at atmospheric pressure. The preset flow of foam concentrate is continously added to the water stream.

HL-Z2 HL-Z4 Froðublandarar

Friction loss through the hose and static pressure loss of up to 5 bar does not influence the induction rate. This outstanding performance is produced by a special control valve built into the base of housing. A non-return valve prevents water flow back into the foam container once the water supply is turned off.

5. Operating height vs Hose length

6. Technical data
Type HLZ-2 HLZ-4
Water flow 200 lpm 400 lpm
Lenght 370 mm 370 mm
Height 165 mm 165 mm
Weight approx. ca. 5,3 kg ca. 5,3 kg
External coupling thread water R 2" R 2"
Foam concentrate inlet D D
Part-No. 0825024 0825019

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