Total Walther Milli- og þungfroðustútar

Combination foam branchpipe Type KR-SM2 and KR-SM4

KR S/M2 TOTAL Milli og þungfroðustútar m/loka KR S/M4 TOTAL Milli og þungfroðustútar m/loka

Two foam branchpipes in one, both low and medium expansion foam from the same unit

Low weight equipment with proven, high performance

Pressure gauge gives water pressure at the branch pipe inlet
1. Application
Oil and chemical industries, general industry, airports, fire brigades.
2. Recommended Foam Concentrates
Performs well with fluoroprotein, multipurpose, FFFP and ARC foam concentrates.
3. Advantages
The advantage of medium expansion foam compared to low expansion foam is that up to 5 times more foam can be produced with the same amount of water. It is also possible to fill small room and to blanket flammable liquids as a preventive measure. The advantage of low expansion foam compared to medium expansion foam is the greater throw range and superior cooling effect. With a combined foam branchpipe it is possible to benefit from the advantages of both types of foam. The change-over from medium to low expansion foam is carried out very quickly by throwing a lever.
4. Construction
The combination branchpipe consists of a nozzle assembly with a switch mechanism and two tubes. The inner tube produces low expansion foam and the outer tube the medium expansion foam. A built-in strainer prevents blockage of the nozzle.By using stainless steel and tough polyurethane, optimum protection against corrosion is ensured. The nozzle is made of light metal as are the coupling and shut-off valve.
KR S/M4 TOTAL Milli og þungfroðustútar m/loka
5. Pressure vs flowrate

6. Pressure vs throw range

7. Technical data
Type KR-SM2 KR-SM4
Operating pressure 5 bar 5 bar
Water flow 200 lpm 400 lpm
Expansion rate approx.
- Low expansion
- Medium expansion


Throw approx.
- Low expansion
- Medium expansion

20 m
7 m

27 m
8 m
Quantity of foam/min, approx.
- Low expansion
- Medium expansion

3 m3
10 m3

6 m3
20 m3
External coupling thread R 2" R 2"
Length (with stop cock + coupling) 750 mm 800 mm
Max. width 280 mm 340 mm
Weight approx. 7,0 kg 8,0 kg
Part-No. 824.012 824.018

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