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Medium expansion foam pistol
KR 03/90 and
KR 03/90 ARC

KR 03/90 TOTAL Millifroðubyssa

Easy to use for untrained personnel

Can be connected to a wall hydrant with minimum 20 mm diameter hose

Performs at a water pressure of 2 - 4 bar

Needs no extra proportioning equipment
1. Application
Industrial workshops and warehouses as well as for fire brigades.
2. Recommended Foam Concentrates
Multi purpose foam concentrate with KR 03/90 and alcohol resistant foam concentrate with KR 03/90 ARC.
3. Operation
Simply turn on the tap and squeeze the trigger. Medium expansion foam is produced over a wide range of water pressures. With this light-weight foam pistol it is possible to extinguish small liquid fires or class A fires. The foam pistol is also suitable for filling small rooms and blanketing flammable liquids as a preventive measure, for example when welding. By using a foam pistol it is possible to expand water up to 75 times. This is a much more effective extinguishing agent than plain water. Foam is ideal to extinguish liquid fires, but is also effective on other types of fire.
4. Construction
The foam pistol has a built-in inductor to proportion the foam concentrate. Foam is drawn from a 2 or 5 litre container by a water pressure of 2-4 bar and sent along a 20 mm diameter hose up to 30 m in length.
KR 03/90 TOTAL Millifroðubyssa
5. Technische Daten
Type KR03/90 KR03/90 ARC
Foam Concentrate 2 l towalex
MB 15
2 l towalex
ARC 3 x 6
Operating pressure water line 2-4 bar 2-4 bar
Water flow 30 - 40 lpm 30 - 40 lpm
Throw range 2-4 m 2-4 m
Discharge with 2 litres foam concentrate 1,5 - 2 min 1 - 1,5 min.
Foam volume 6 m3 2,5 m3
Length 625 mm 625 mm
Height 400 mm 400 mm
Width 140 mm 140 mm
Weight empty, approx. 2,9 kg 2,9 kg
Part-No. 824.161 824.054

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