Total Walther Þungfroðustútar


KR S2 TOTAL Þungfroðustútar m/loka

Great throw range

Excellent foam quality due to special nozzle

Corrosion resistant

Very compact
1. General description
The KR S2 branchpipe produces low expansion foam of superior quality. The optimal air inlet nozzle is responsible for the high quality of the foam. The advantage of low expansion compared to medium expansion is the greater throw range and superior cooling effect. By using stainless steel and tough polyurethane optimum protection from corrosion is ensured.
2. Recommended Foam Concentrates
Protein 3% or 6%
Fluoroprotein 3% or 6%
AFFF 3% or 6%
ARC 3 x 3 or 3 x 6
FFFP 1%, 3% or 6%
3. Application
Oil industry, Chemical industry Airports, Fire brigades, General industry
4. Operation
Connect the branchpipe to the hoseline. Open ball valve to start foam application. It is necessary to flush the branchpipe with clear water after every use.
5. Construction

KR S2 TOTAL Þungfroðustútar m/loka

6. Throw range

7. Flow rate vs pressure

8. Technical data
Operating pressure 5 bar
Water flow 200 lpm
Expansion rate approx. 15
Throw range approx. 26
Quantity of foam/ min. approx. 3 m3
External coupling thread 1,25"
Length 600 mm
Diameter 50 mm
Part-No. 824.136

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