Interspiro QSII reykköfunartæki í virkjun ON

Við vorum að afhenda Interspiro reykköfunartæki í virkjun ON hér í nágrenninu. Tækin eru af sömu gerð og Brunavarnir Árnessýslu nota þ.e. QSII með EUR tengingu, S-maska og NLL loftkútum. NLL Loftkútar hafa endalausan líftíma.

Interspiro QS II Reykköfunartæki og S-Maska

A close cooperation with firefighters and experts in the field of ergonomics has been a defining feature when developing the QS II harness. The ergonomic design of all the components and the many integrated smart features make the harness highly versatile. Each component is carefully selected to ensure that the harness is robust enough to handle the extreme environment for which it is intended.

The harness can easily be adjusted for different body sizes in four different size settings (“S”, “M”, “L”, “XL”). The selected size is clearly visible from both the front and the back. Thanks to the practical design the size adjustment can be made with the cylinder mounted and without removing the apparatus from the fire truck.

The regulator unit has a pressure gauge, warning whistle and optional extra air connection. The plug-in type regulator is durable and has proven functionality with high flow capacity maintaining the safety pressure also at an extreme rate of breathing and low cylinder pressures. The plug-in type design makes service and repairs easy to perform with short down time.

  • Hip belt and shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and hip belt
  • Large rescue handle - easy to grab to drag out fire fighter in an emergency
  • Open back plate for good ventilation and low weight
  • Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap
  • Interchangeable hose holders
  • Flexible mounting system for accessories
  • Small and light warning whistle


The QS II SCBA can be combined with different face mask and breathing valve models which are presented under “Firefighting” & “Face Masks”.
The SCBA variants exclude face mask, breathing valve and cylinder.

Variants are available having a quick coupling with integrated flow restrictor between regulator and cylinder.

Variants are available without extra connections (“Basic configuration”) or with extra connections for breath­ing hose and/or extra air connection for airline supply.

The QS II SCBA can be used in single cylinder or twin cylinder configuration. See “Accessories” below for twin cylinder mounting kit, cylinder T-piece and distance piece.

Interspiro NLL loftflaskaEf frekari upplýsinga er þörf eða þið viljið panta sendið þá póst á eða hringið í síma 5684800.